Exciting news – I’ll be the featured speaker at the Agile Meetup

Thursday August 16, 2018 at Strategism in Fremont CA.

Please come join us!


The format will consist of statement of a "fact", followed by attendees voting on whether it is

--- or ---

After each vote, you can decide how much discussion would be helpful about that "fact”.


·       Agile newbies: Come join the discussion to start getting a feel for this thing called "Agile", or to get help to understand things about Agile which are confounding you.

·       Agile Experts: Please join the discussion to help straighten out the myths that many people might think are facts or to use your extensive experience to help educate us on the nuances of agility.

·       If you're somewhere between newbie and expert, there likely will be opportunities for you to strut your stuff as well as to learn new things, so come join the fun!

·       Feel free to bring your own questions, either to get clarity about something that is puzzling you, or to try to stump the stars.


Please RSVP via meetup.com: https://www.meetup.com/Agilers-Scrum-Practitioners-Forum/events/253538745/


Thursday August 16th


Strategism Inc.

39355 California St, Ste 300

Fremont CA


Hope to see you there!

--Julie Gardner, A-CSM